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Last Updated on 17/05/2022

Successful manufacturing of COOLINGMIST™ fogging system high-pressure explosion-proof pump skid.

We tailor-make the equipment according to your situation, environment, specifications, and need.

Whenever the ambient temperatures are high, the coincident relative humidity is always lower. Our COOLINGMIST™ systems make use of these typical weather phenomena and can, therefore, cool down the air by as much as 12.0°C in hot, dry climates.

Petrochemical and Oil & Gas industry, to address the need to increase cooling/condensing capacity. Adiabatic cooling/Evaporative Cooling is achieved by evaporating billions of micro-fine droplets in the inlet air of an Air Cooled Heat Exchanger.

COOLINGMIST™ is a high-pressure fogging system (chilling, peak cooling, adiabatic cooling, evaporative cooling) used to influence ambient climatic conditions.

The evaporative effect results in a drop in inlet temperature, thereby increasing efficiency substantially. The evaporative cooling system effect on Air Cooled Heat Exchangers will have a direct positive impact on process production.

vaporative cooling system effect on Air Cooled Heat Exchangers