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Specials and R&D

At ELBRONS, we believe that continuous innovation is the key to growth.

So much so that we consider research and development to be an integral part of our corporate DNA. Over the years, ELBRONS has steadily invested quite heavily in product development and process innovation to ensure that our customers have permanent access to state-of-the-art products and services of exceptionally high quality. Our ceaseless commitment to the improvement, innovation and outstanding value of our products and services, over the years, has warranted ELBRONS’ market-leading position and competitive edge within the optimization of air-cooled heat exchangers field. Don’t just take our word for it, our customers’ recognition and appreciation speak volumes!

Our tried and tested R&D methodology captures customer requests accurately and approaches these based on decades of hands-on experience, often in combination with proprietary ELBRONS products. The research consists of testing activities using ELBRONS’ multiple test-stands, either during a works-shop or in the field, and includes theoretical design sessions as well as technical calculations. Our test-stands allow ELBRONS to precisely assess a wide variety of situations that typically occur in the field, thereby enabling us to recommend optimal and viable solutions that can reliably be implemented onsite. The test-stands in question allow us to test ELBRONS’ specialized products such as COOLINGMIST™ High-Efficiency Fogging System as well as our screen systems (CLEANFIN™ and LNG SCREEN TECH™). ELBRONS can also perform technical simulations on customer request.

In addition to the above, ELBRONS has developed highly specialized niche skills and services, mostly in co-operation with an expert partner:

  • High level in-depth thermal analysis of your heat exchangers (irrespective of brand, type and make)
  • Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) modelling in collaboration with the undisputed global engineering leader in ‘Hot Air Recirculation’ (HAR) simulation on air-cooled heat exchangers. Our partner has over 15 years of experience in simulations and carried out several millions of real-life measurements (wind, temperature, RH, climate, etc.) on actual running plants across the globe.
  • Highly advanced air temperature measurements on air-cooled heat exchangers with the possibility of measuring thousands of measurements instantaneously within an Ex proof environment
  • 3D scanning of complete units using our special 3D camera
  • High-level vibration measurements, analysis and problem solving onsite

The high-level overview of our products and services provided above offers a mere glimpse of our vast experience, unparalleled know-how and deep expertise. Get in touch with us to find out (much) more about ELBRONS’ unique products and services.

We have deliberately not disclosed too much information on these matters due to the high level of technicality of these products/services which is part of our own know-how.