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LNG SCREEN TECH™ Hot Air Recirculation (HAR)

Imagine that ‘hot air recirculation’ (HAR) would no longer cause severe problems to the performance and maintenance of large air cooler trains such as in geothermal, LNG & GTL plants. Our specially designed LNG SCREEN TECH™  fire retardant screen with unique mash ensures a constant airflow instead of wind fluctuations under the fan or bundle. It is the perfect solution to limit production loss by preventing Hot air recirculation (HAR) so typically observed on large air-cooler trains. The LNG SCREEN TECH™ ensures constant maximum plant throughput over long periods at different wind strength and direction.

A specialized Hot Air Recirculation solution

Special features of our LNG SCREEN TECH™

Wind can cause many challenges for large air-cooler banks (Air Cooled Heat Exchanger). For example, a common problem is the adverse effects of hot air recirculation, whereby hot air off the air cooler is sucked back into the inlet of the air cooler. The latter is due to a difference in pressure between the inlet and outlet sides of an air cooler. The impact of hot air recirculation on air-cooler performance can be disastrous for LNG plant refrigerant air coolers (e.g. mixed refrigerant air coolers, propane desuperheaters, condensers and sub-coolers). A sudden significant loss of refrigerant air cooling duty by hot air recirculating forces the train to operate at lower production, and in the worse case can trip the train and cause days of production loss. The best solution for these operational challenges is LNG SCREEN TECH™. This product was specially developed for LNG, GTL and petrochemical air coolers. Strong side winds can also cause vibrations and fatigue such as belt failures, bearing failures, blade failures, etc.

  • No hot work permit required during installation (no welding or drilling for installation)
  • Installation during operation
  • PVC coated polyester material
  • Screens are tested up to 160 km/h wind (standard application). High wind specifications can be met up to 196 km/h if required
  • Flame retardant and rot-proof material
  • Anti-static and anti-bacterial
  • Lightweight and UV stabilized screen
  • Maintenance-free
  • Temperature resistance from -45˚C to +70˚C (DIN 53 372 BS 3425 method 10)
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  • Increase in production capacity
  • Tailor-made components
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Increase in production capacity:

The LNG industry is known for an enormous concentration of air coolers. If cooling cannot be achieved efficiently, it causes substantial production loss. Therefore, the LNG SCREEN TECH™ is an essential tool onsite. Every screen has tailor-made components. We take into consideration the influence of wind on the cooler, the system configuration, end-user requirements, conditions on the site, safety requirements and much more to ensure the perfect solution for you.

Increase in capacity

To safeguard that hot air recirculation will not trip compressors, most LNG plants need to operate with a more significant power margin at a reduced capacity (90-95%). Therefore, what in essence is a simple airflow problem, has a noticeable impact on the overall production, production stability and optimal production at the lowest specific refrigerant compression energy and emissions. ELBRONS is the first and only company that has installed screens in the LNG industry. We successfully installed LNG SCREEN TECH™ on four LNG plants around the world that have generated substantial positive effects on production. We have carried out research and tested the impact of the screens on air coolers at our live test stand. In most large air-cooled plants, hot air recirculation is a daily reoccurring operational challenge, especially during afternoons with higher ambient temperature and strong side winds. The LNG SCREEN TECH™ factually reduces production instabilities reduce and enables LNG trains to operate on a lower power margin, as well as lower specific refrigerant compression energy and GHG emissions. The LNG SCREEN TECH™, therefore, generates a significant increase in production capacity and improves the efficiency of operation considerably.

Tried and (extensively) tested screens. Considerable and measurable increase in production capacity!

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Process values before LNG SCREEN TECH™

process values before lng screen tech

Process values after LNG SCREEN TECH™ Hot Air Recirculation

process values after lng screen tech elbrons