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Last Updated on 06/12/2022

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to obtain more heat duty on an air-cooled heat exchanger (ACHE) is to increase airflow from the fans.

This is especially true if your service is a light products condenser, as the thermal resistance on the airside is the dominant factor on these units.

Elbrons BV has conducted many head-to-head field tests on different type of fan profiles. This has allowed us to acquire enormous data regarding fan performance in the field (so not only on paper or a simulation). By applying and using our extensive field-based know-how, we can often increase airflow by as much as 35%, by simply changing out the existing old low-efficiency fan with a high-efficiency fan. The “Trick” is to select a high-efficiency fan and make the proper fan selection with adequate input for the specific situation.

Our extensive in-house database is based on over 20 years of measuring in the field we can provide our customers with a high-efficiency solution based on our NO-CURE-NO-PAY principle. The idea is that due to our extensive experience, we can forecast possible gains with very great precision. This means that we can offer the possibility to you to test our solution first before changing our all fans.