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Elbrons’s Evaporative Cooling System COOLINGMIST™

Stuck between ‘a rock and a hard place’? Is your air-cooled heat exchanger no longer delivering satisfactorily and is a new installation deemed too costly? Meet our COOLINGMIST™ system (Evaporative Cooling) that allows for up to 40% extra heat duty on hot summer days.
Most air-cooled heat exchangers are designed to function for a limited average number of days which inherently always limits plant production during hot summer days as illustrated in the graph below.

  • Immediate and measurable beneficial cooling effect
  • Maximum evaporation capacity (total evaporation of the water used (Evaporative Cooling))
  • Adjustable cooling to the desired level – multistage system
  • No negative impact on your airflow (in case design airflow not present, ELBLAST™ cleaning can be performed)
  • No structural modification or drilling of the support structure (no drilling or welding required)
  • Efficient use of technical design information once Condition Assessment Survey has been performed
  • Extremely competitive pricing (excellent price/quality ratio) including very low operational and maintenance costs, leading to a very rapid return on investment
  • Adaptable to any existing air cooler or air condenser unit
  • Very fast installation time
  • No operating system downtime
  • Highly reliable (ELBRONS only use A quality materials such as SS316)
  • A simple system as well as minimum space requirements
  • No increase in the existing noise level of air coolers
  • Evaporative Cooling
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ELBRONS’ Evaporative Cooling system COOLINGMIST™

COOLINGMIST™ is a high-pressure fogging system (chilling, peak cooling, adiabatic cooling, evaporative cooling) used to influence ambient climatic conditions. The COOLINGMIST™ system was explicitly designed for the Energy, Petrochemical and Oil & Gas industry, to address the need to increase cooling/condensing capacity. Adiabatic cooling/Evaporative Cooling is achieved by evaporating billions of micro-fine droplets in the inlet air of an Air Cooled Heat Exchanger. The evaporative effect results in a drop in inlet temperature, thereby increasing efficiency substantially. The evaporative cooling system effect on Air Cooled Heat Exchangers will have a direct positive impact on process production.

ELBRONS tailors the COOLINGMIST™ system to our individual customer’s situation and environment. The latter approach guarantees at least 95% evaporation of the water (Evaporative Cooling) and thereby also that there is no damage to your finned tube bundle or mechanics and minimum usage of water, for maximum cooling effect. A strong inverse relationship exists between the Dry Bulb Temperature and Relative Humidity, which is more pronounced during the hot summer days. Whenever the ambient temperatures are high, the coincident relative humidity is always lower. Our COOLINGMIST™ systems make use of these typical weather phenomena and can, therefore, cool down the air by as much as 12.0°C in hot, dry climates.