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Last Updated on 25/03/2021

Elbrons BV is proud to announce that D’Hondt Thermal Solutions (DH-TS) has become the exclusive service partner of Elbrons’ solutions in the Middle-East.

DH-TS is a leading global manufacturer of Air Cooled heat Exchangers and has developed significant innovative technologies in the design and manufacture of high pressure equipment and in the production of components made with special materials such as Titanium, Hastelloy, Incoloy, Duplex, Super Duplex, Monel and Nickel Alloys (API661 and Non-API).

DH-TS headquarters are located in Valenciennes, North of France, and its factories in Saudi Arabia, to serve more specifically the Middle East markets, and in South Korea to serve globally the rest of the world.
ELBRONS is the undisputed leader in ground-breaking and innovative technologies for air-cooled heat exchanger capacity enhancement. ELBRONS holds multiple worldwide patents in this regard, in particular for the use of the specially designed COOLINGMIST™ & LNG SCREEN TECH™.

Thanks to this partnership, DH-TS will offer their customers with extended service solutions comprising Dry or Robotic water bundle cleaning, High efficiency adiabatic cooling systems, Air filter systems for dusty environments, and Hot air recirculation prevention for large Air Cooler plants.

DH-TS and ELBRONS solutions will now address all their customers’ changing application requirements, Increased efficiency needs and energy savings, and extend the life span of their assets.