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Last Updated on 09/11/2021

No More Cleaning of Finned Tube Bundles?
100% Clean Bundle/Cooling Capacity all year long?

Yes! The CLEANFIN™ Filter System does it all!

Clogging and external fouling of finned tube bundles caused by any sort of debris, such as for example: seeds, insects, pollen, bugs, paper, chemicals, increase the static pressure required for the fan to push the airflow through the finned tube bundles and therefore cool down the medium inside.

filter system Finned Tube Bundles

Reduced airflow will result within reduced cooling capacity and therefore will restrict production. External fouling is easily able to be cleaned using the drycleaning method (ELBLAST™) but is more easily remained outside using the CLEANFIN™.

filter system Cleanfin Elbrons