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ELCLEAN ACC™ semi automatic cleaning system

ELBRONS’ semi-automatic cleaning system is a system that sprays high-pressure flat water beams between the fins of Air Cooled Condenser units (ACC). Our cleaning heads are designed explicitly for Your finned tube configuration (ACC) to obtain maximum cleaning effect. The spray nozzles are mounted on a spray-nozzle head which moves over the surface that requires cleaning in a fixed position towards the finned tubes. This way, the water beams always hit the finned surface in the same direction. The combination of the spray-nozzle head and the guiding rail form the basic cleaning system. Since the water is not mixed with any chemical, all water used can be disposed of as rainwater. Cleaning can be done during operation of the air-cooled condenser, with just the fan at the cleaning location being stopped. This cleaning method is in addition to the drycleaning method ELBLAST™ considered as semi-automatic.

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The ACC system consists of the following items

  • A support frame, which can be a ladder or an aluminum space frame, and a cleaning rig and rails through which the support frame moves along the heat exchanger bundles. The support frame in question will be pushed sideways manually by our operators.
  • An electrical or air-driven motor moves the cleaning head with nozzles up and down (or back and forth) by use of a stainless steel cable or chain. With end switches, the vertical movement is reversed every time the end position is reached.
  • An electrical control panel is positioned near the rig or on the ladder. The control panel includes a frequency controller for motor speed control, an automatic mode for the vertical direction, a manual mode for vertical movement and control buttons for the high-pressure pump. (On and off)
  • A high-pressure motor/pump unit that allows for the large volumes of water at a pressure exceeding 100 bar (mostly around 130 Bar pressure)
  • A set of hoses system to connect the HP motor/pump unit to the cleaning head

ACC Safety benefits:

No more entry inside the plenum chamber, therefore

  • No risk of falling (Forced draft unit) due to heat stress
  • No manual handling of HP hoses
  • No risk caused by darkness and/or obscurity in the plenum chamber

Cost improvements:

  • Up to 3x times faster compared to conventional cleaning
  • Up to 1.5x times faster compared to conventional semi-automatic cleaning thanks to our Dual Cleaning Head System™
  • No more need for scaffolds
  • No more lengthy electrical isolation of motors in the substation
  • No more damage to the fins (as the need to walk on fins is eliminated entirely)
  • No more issuing of entry permit

Elbrons’ Semi-automated cleaning chassis are equipped with a nozzle beam each electrically driven in vertical direction by a transmission. The control of the nozzle beam is executed by the operator using a local control panel.

The cleaning chassis, however, is manually moved in horizontal direction by the operator. For that purpose, the cleaning chassis is guided in rails and individually adapted to the constructive conditions of the ACC.

The cleaning chassis is made of aluminum and can be delivered as walkable and non-walkable configuration. Components of the cleaning system which are in direct contact with water are made of stainless steel 316 and/or in temperature and corrosion resistant materials.

The system is delivered as complete cleaning system including local control panel, high-pressure pumps, high-pressure hoses, instrumentation, cables, rails and connection materials.